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Our Services

Learn about our history and work


Let us pragmatically fix, optimize or define your IT process

  • We review your IT change management processes and build-in our experience –  “Definition of Done”, “Do less of” and “Stop do’s”
  • We design and implement Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Deployment (CD) to match your business
  • We help our customers to have DevSecOps implemented
  • We can implement the whole process around Quality Assurance & Test management , Test automation for your organization.
  • Worried about security ?  Allow us to do Pentest so you can secure your environment from the attacks.


Let us assemble your dream team of Project Managers, software engineers, Scrum Masters, and QA specialists just for you.

  • We provide people with experience within specific verticals and/or required business domain
  • We provide high skilled resources Onsite, Offshore or Mix-shore model – short or long term
  • Managing people is something you can do or let us do it for you to suits your business needs


Lets us convert your idea to a reality competitive products

  • We provide project management getting the job done
  • We provide comprehensive IT solutions that includes Web App development, Mobile Apps (iOS, Android, Hybrid or Progressive Web Apps), AI, Machine learning,  Professional services and Commercial Package implementations.
  • We do services start from Design, development, test, implementation till production support as one stop shop